Satoshi Masternode Setup Guide (Ubuntu 16.04) Updated for New Block Chain

Building nodes on Satoshi Solutions is enabled, and you can visit the site here

We recommend that all users new to building a masternode use the Satoshi Solutions platform. If you are an advanced user and prefer to build a node on your own, here is our new guide that we will continue to refine for you.

  1. Download your wallet with the new version (v2.0).
  2. Go to File -> Receiving address
  3. Click on New (bottom left) and give an alias to your mn (mn1 for example)
  4. Send collateral (2500 SATC) to the created address.
  5. Wait for 15 confirmations (“Transactions” tab)
  6. Go to Tools -> Debug console
  7. Get your private key using the comand: masternode genkey
  8. Get your TxID and TxIndex using the command: masternode outputs
  9. Connect to your VPS as root using terminal or whatever you want.
  10. Use command: wget
  11. Then use gommand: bash ./
  12. During the installation process (about 10 minutes), installer will prompt 3 times:– Do you want to install all needed dependencies (no if you did it before)? (in first installation, yes)
    – Do you want to compile Daemon (please choose no if you did it before)? (in first installation, yes)
    – Enter masternode private key for node (obtained in step 7)
  13. Go back to your wallet. Click Tools -> Open masternode configuration file
  14. Add the line: MN_alias VPS_IP:3777 PRIVATE_KEY TXID TXINDEX
  15. Save and close.
  16. Click Tools -> Open wallet configuration file
  17. Add this:
  18. Save and close.
  19. Restart your wallet
  20. After full sync, go to Masternodes tab, My masternodes sub tab and click bottom buttom “Start all”. If you have more than one, just select the one you wanna start and press “Start alias” 😉

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